A Voice for Earth

Environmental and social justice and my personal experiences in the area.


Welcome to ‘A Voice for Earth’. I decided to create this page after a year of immersing myself in environmental matters via the internet and social media mostly, and a few real life experiences. I’m just starting out really. The environment was always something I knew mattered, but it wasn’t until in the past year that I realised how much it mattered to me. I began by joining numerous Facebook groups and pages, following environmental groups, activists, and blogs on Twitter, and following developments in the general news media. When you really get into it, you really appreciate the true scope and depth of the problems we face today as a civilization, and how often issues of the environment can tie in to those of social justice.

It’s hard for me as a person, though, to focus on any one issue. I think it’s because the more you inform yourself, the more you realise that no problem exists in isolation, everything is connected, everything and everyone is interdependent. There may be many degrees of separation, but all the problems we face seemed, for me, to feed into each other and ultimately, they were all taking us closer to a precipice. That’s how I felt in 2013, and I feel no different now. It was then that I decided to set up on my own Facebook group, by the same name as this blog, to highlight all the issues: climate change, ocean acidification, deforestation, GMOs, habitat loss and species extinction, water depletion, air pollution, plastics in our oceans, loss of pollinators, poaching, culling, whaling, overfishing, everything.

The group has been successful thus far, I’m glad to say, and in no small part due to the contributions of my many like-minded Facebook friends from all around the world. In the year I’ve been running it, I’ve read probably hundreds of articles, seen terrible pictures from natural disasters to animal cruelty, and watched dozens of videos decrying the course that our modern consumerist, capitalistic system is taking us down. It’s clear that a fundamental change is needed not just to way we do business under this model, but more over to the model itself, to the way we do civilization, if we plan to leave a liveable world to future generations.

Saying that is all well and good, but actually doing something to create that change is another thing entirely, especially as an individual. While my ‘on-line activism’ and advocacy for the environment and social justice has been non-stop since 2013, being an activist or just supporting what you believe requires more of us than clicking ‘like’ on an article or retweeting Greenpeace. A quote from Gandhi I heard recently sums it up very well; “Be the change you want to see in the world”. That’s what I intend to do.

This blog is me taking the next step, spreading my on-line advocacy to more forums (I’m planning to set up a Facebook page for ‘A Voice for Earth’ and a Twitter account), and I will be making posts about the changes I’m personally making to the way I live to lessen my impact on our world. I will also be blogging about any events I attend, and I will do a post on the latest news every week which I think is important, and what my opinion on it is. I hope you will enjoy my posts, and I’d like to hear from people who feel similarly in the comment stream and if you’ve got links you think I’d be interested in, don’t hesitate to post them.

Thank you for visiting.


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  1. Thank you! Keep blogging. Like your Facebook page.

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